Quality Management


Sree Ram Dyes and Chemicals Pride to say that we are ISO 14001 Standard Company. Quality control is the important cognizance of production considering their rate requirements of each clients. We deeply devoted to retaining it’s current strategies, developing new safe, smooth and environmentally safe system. Our dyes has an strict safe policy and strives to offer its workforce with the exceptional viable conditions.

We supply chemical compounds, which satisfy the economic purity requirements as some distance as their composition and dilution is worried. It is our steady endeavor to keep upgrading the best of our products and to ensure a precise and accurate formulation as according to the clients requirements. Our particularly technical R & D unit and best testing Lab is our area of expertise and we take utmost care of best at all ranges proper from sourcing to very last shipping.

Sree Ram Dyes and Chemicals focus mainly on the quality of the raw materials & finished products at our plants to insure the desired quality of outputs.